Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Going around in circles..

Can appointing local business executives to 'come up with ground-breaking proposals that will ignite production incentives and fiscal strength with its recommendations'  really do the work of a good economist?

I had noted that the Fat Cats seem unable to think long-term and seem hell-bent on destruction for short-term gains:
so much for sustainable development!   It is extraordinary that Guyana would be collecting from Norway to preserve the rainforests while making deals to exploit the Land without a clear understanding of the long-term damage.  It has come to light that the Minister of Natural Resources had given exploratory licences to a well-know miner for one of the least visited areas- the south-east of Guyana, without informing the rest of the country. This Ministry is an odd, newly created one putting all the viable industries in Guyana under one roof - presumably with the blessing of the ex-President (as the minister is his niece's husband ) who is well-respected worldwide for being on the Climate Change band wagon!?
This is the topsy-turvy contradiction that is Guyana!

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