Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Why It's Exhausting to Live in Guyana - 5

Because you realise the 20-somethings and 30-somethings who will inherit the land are pretty much clueless but whining about how hard Life is in Guyana into their Blackberries and driving badly in their air-conditioned cars.

I had a couple unsatisfactory encounters with Guyana's future and had to suppress several violent fantasies.
The first being a container parked in the narrow road leading to my mother's house. I was on the other side of the road and had to stop as two cars in the blocked lane sped up, forcing me to come to a halt. As I was proceeding the young 20-something driving his family did the same thing- sped up, and we met roughly in the region of the middle of the container. He waved me to reverse and I stuck my head out of the window to inform him that I had the Right of Way, then turned off my engine! By this time two SUV's came up behind me and mercifully the drivers behind the young man kept a space for him to reverse into. The spectators viewing the situation advised him to back off as it didn't look like I was going anywhere. He grudgingly back-uped leaving very little of the road and forcing one to go off-road. The first SUV roared off around me and I pulled up to tell the erring driver that as I had the Right of Way, the correct thing to do would be to wait until there was no oncoming traffic before pulling into the other lane-- he chortled that he would go when he wanted to - to the amusement of his wife sitting next to him. The nasty racist thing jumped up and I heard mutterings about about my car from the nearby spectators.
The second incident was my break from work to get a cup of coffee- I generally enjoy a stroll down the road - two 20-somethings were 'sooring' down the cashier who was taking a long time to take their orders and batting her eyes at them, causing the next senior person to relieve her so she could wriggle her behind around the Counter-- which is all well and good if I didn't have to get back to the office. One of their colleagues- a young female, pushed ahead of me to ask the second one to buy her three items. Now I was the only other person in the queue and I made an objection muttering that in fact she didn't have long to wait-- the young man ahead of me cancelled his order, turned around and said he was 'buying  for her' and then proceeded to confuse the new cashier. There was no-one else behind me and in fact, everything would have proceeded quicker if everyone stuck to the script. On a positive note- they were all different races.
I must be getting too old for this sort of thing, where it would have amused me before, now I just see everyone trying to buck the system and causing more confusion in the long run!

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