Friday, September 14, 2012

Who decides 'normal'? Sex

The second paragraph of this article begins thus:  'Hollywood's march to tear down -- to obliterate, really -- every boundary of sexual decency' and goes on to describe a 'new ground-breaking' film debut-ing at the Toronto Film Festival wherein I presume the director works into reality one of his fantasies using his ex-wife to play a prescription addicted woman who has prison-sex with her incarcerated brother.  It reminded me of a book written by Ben Elton, who used to be my favourite comedian when Stand-Up became popular, called Popcorn dealing with the question of violence in Hollywood and whether it influenced people's behaviour or whether it was the other way around-- Hollywood merely reflecting the new reality.
Having grown up in conservative, sheltered Guyana where the Censors were very active, I remered looking at the film 'About Last Night' in disbelief and annoyance as basically what happened - two young attractive people met at a party, had sex and woke up the next morning in the same bed and felt awkward because they didn't know each others name!  And thinking that THAT is not what happens in real Life I know it...and it was basically setting a new low standard for the non-American film-watching Public to follow.   I would have agreed with the protagonist in Popcorn that behaviour in Films don't influence Joe Public except that when I was about 16yrs or so, I 'followed' this girl to Suddie and when we were walking back from the Cinema this young boy broke off from his gang of friends and started singing a (Indian) film song and I believe even dancing around-- poor demented fool-- that was his only experience of a man letting a woman know he was interested in her!  My personal experience is that the inexperienced and socially inept DO tend to mimic behaviour in films, which leads to peer pressure and unless your child is well grounded in your particular Family Culture, they will be vulnerable to those same things you sniff at and say wouldn't happen.
As an interesting aside Borges says all men are the same at the moment of coitus.
But back to the influence of Hollywood - it is interesting that the American diplomats are presumably on High Alert over some rubbishy crap (an Egyptian Coptic person made a film on Muhamed having sex). If I was so inclined, I myself would go and demonstrate outside an Embassy that those clowns have turned a beautiful and bonding act into a dispensable commodity - I was looking at some earlier episodes of the sitcom 'How I Met Your Mother' and the protagonist and his friend complained that his Balls were turning blue because his Love Interest had not had sex with him although they had been going out for a month! In fact, his room-mates who were eavesdropping mocked when the girl said 'I want to get to know you'. No wonder the young are confused watching this sort of shit. 

Post-script 18th Nov 2016:  Clearly having too much time on my hands, I was messing about on YouTube and somehow wondered unto the Kay Griggs' interviews and while writing her off as a crank who rambled on - pulling in everybody and everything under the sun-- 9/11, the US military, Jon Benet (the missing Colorado child) _ clicked on a link where this writer who had Hollywood aspirations basically said it is a sick bunch of people out there who force/fool the young and innocent to do something perverse-- such bizarre sexual practices in order to destroy their self-image 'He told me how sex is used to control, intimidate and groom boys into this type of military service from a young age.' (both Hollywood and the US military, covert ops) - I actually felt sorry for young men having to encounter all this as I am noticing that young men seem to be more fragile emotionally -- translating to a higher suicide rate over here.

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