Friday, September 7, 2012

Changing Face of Georgetown -2

After reluctantly attending a meeting including a couple people I actively dislike I decided to indulge in some emotional eating and wandered the local Mario's for a pick-me-up pizza. I was quite surprised to see the nice seating area overlooking Camp St turned into Quiznos counters, making the place feel very cramped. Granted that the Fast-food mentality is to serve 'em up quick and leave so we can get a large turnover - it really downgraded the place and it wasn't helped by the sullen girl behind the Mario's counter, who felt it necessary to serve up drinks to a customer before punching in the order into the Computer so I could get out of there quicker.
Having less space meant that there was no space for a queue and noting my impatience she turned to serve the laid-back red guy who came after me - he kindly indicated that I was first.
I slipped into a booth by the condiments bar and exchanged a couple remarks with the lady sitting there-- apparently she, the red guy and I think she said her lawyer were having one of their regular get-togethers. They had the juices from Mario's and the subs/wraps from Quiznos. The nice lady muttered about not drinking Cherry juice after 6pm as it was too acidic for the stomach and both men grinned at her and slurped their cherry juices. She noted that the Wrap was not folded like those in the US and shared her Grilled Chicken with them-- read what Yahoo health had to say about this item:

mmm, so much for healthy eating!  However they all seemed to enjoy their subs and wrap.

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