Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Refurbished Celine's

Celine's - a nice beachfront bar, illegally built in the middle of the Sea Defences while the Government stood by shaking their hands and mumbling in a corner, decided to upgrade their premises sometime last year.
As with the rest of the Noveau Riche - aesthetics is not a consideration. A pleasant open area has now been replaced by a concrete monstrosity and patrons are required to walk down and around a couple of hexagonal concrete structures.  The visitors I took asked me what they were for and I couldn't figure it out myself.  The concrete monstrosity is apparently a night-club-- the mostly-unemployed youth must be grateful for all the Night-spots popping up all over the place-- none like the Trinidadian ones who tend to utilize the outdoors. I suppose this one must be the nearest one in that the revellers can presumably look at the Ocean?
Prices were a bit ridiculous -- a plate of Wantons costing as much as a plate of ChowMein AND a plate of Fish and Chips-- no menu with prices given for snacks.  Soft drinks were quite inflated but I guess they have to pay their staff somehow.  Good to know that Guyana is providing employment for the Chinese as I noticed Chinese cooks on my way to the seating area- however they were unable to provide Spring Rolls - a couple of the Waitresses discussing among themselves what that was.
I think I prefer the old set-up.

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