Saturday, May 5, 2012

Children's Stories in the Park

There has been a dramatic presentation of Local children stories at the National Library the past few weekends. An enthusiastic Bookclub member has been urging us to go... So finally having some 'free' time this holiday (yet again) Saturday, I was happy that the location was in the Botanical Gardens. I picked up a young visitor from the Pomeroon and turned up - only to discover due to inclement weather it had been cancelled! What you expect from Freeness? Not being a regular TV viewer apparently a notice was shown last night - in spite of a City-wide Blackout for roughly 1.5 hrs. I apparently also missed the notice on the Gate! Did the next best time and texted two other friends who were thinking of coming to save them the hassle of coming to Georgetown needlessly but unfortunately they never received them! Thank goodness have my iPad with its hundred downloaded books - so much more reliable than people!

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