Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The City of No Limits - Spanish Film

A slow thought-provoking film about family secrets.
Victor, the youngest son  returns from Argentine to see his dying father at a hospital in Paris - the patriarch of a Pharmaceutical Company in Spain. The two older brothers and mother are deciding what to do with the company while Victor wants nothing to do with the business and so can be independent and indulge the old man with his dying wishes. He takes the time to notice that the old man is not taking his medication and seems obsessed with someone from the past. Victor begins to see the cold and nastier side of his mother and towards the end of the film snaps at her to leave the old man to die in peace.
A lot of family secrets are raked up while Victor humours his father and stumbles onto the main secret haunting his father. Rather interesting in light of the recent revelation (to the Christian Far Right) that the experiment to 'cure' homosexuals of their sexual orientation failed.

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