Wednesday, February 2, 2011


At the end of the tour, Ruth and I were quite impressed with the garden with its vegetable section and fruit trees. An old Amerindian woman demonstrated how Cashew Nuts are reaped from the fruit with an impressive display of 'burning' off the irritant fluid surrounding the heated nut-- did you know they had a 'skin' like regular peanuts?

We stopped for 'tea' at 4 and sampled mini-rockbuns with freshly-gathered Forest Honey, then set off for Annai Village which was a 15 minute walk away, Leon pointing out the extent of flooding of the Rupununi River during the wet season. He explained to us that the Village was training up two locals to take over Guiding around the Village and he would be handing us over to VeraLynn, a sweet 17yr old who was happy to take the Back Seat and Leon basically recounted the History of the Village. He introduced us the Powreen Wood- a beautiful orange wood- there was an intricately carved Armadillo which seemed a bit pricey in the Gifte Shoppe, carved by a Local

The Houses were made of Brick and thatched roofs, George later told us that each family undertake to make the bricks themsleves as the clay by the River is fairly good quality.
Brick Factory by the River
Annai Village's claim to Fame was supposedly the biggest benab in the Region but personally I think the Wai-Wai's must have some tucked away as the one in GT seemed larger-- this region had the Macushis.

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