Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Thanks to Shaun at Christmas Quiznight, I got a much reduced priced weekend for two at Rockview. I had been meaning to check it out but the price just kept rising and I figured it was the usual overpriced "tourist" thing in Guyana.
The place was well-appointed with Colin Edwards putting his Agricultural background to use and 'greening' up his plot and planting up vegetable gardens, numerous fruit trees and even toying with the idea of a Fish Pond
                                         Jack-fruit Trees                                  

                                         Yellow-headed Turtles in Fish Pond

We got there for lunch which was a generous affair and then had our 'orientation tour' with Leon.  Ruth who was from Australia was able to add to his knowledge of the Pandama Plant as the Aboriginals found out that the fruit was edible after washing it out five times- we wondered how many died before they worked that out! Also that they use the stem of the plants to extract a green dye.

Cluster of Pandama Fruit

Brown-necked Ibises wandered around contentedly....
... and Leon pointed out the trees with medicinal properties

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