Monday, February 21, 2011

Rain and more rain...

Didn't check the weather forecast but it's moved from a slow continuous light rain from Saturday night to absolutely bucketing down at mid-day Monday. The drains outside my house were almost full when I left home and I wondered about my neighbour 'with more money that sense' who constructed his outlet drains to flow into the drains in front the houses instead of directly into the canal behind the houses like everyone else! I mean the drains all flow around my house, situated at a corner and into the canal-- well that's the theory anyway-- the Wild Eddoes have tenaciously taken hold and the rest of the neighbours assume that it's my job to keep it clear, along with picking up the rubbish the rest of the Neighbourhood dumps on the grassy verges outside the house (what is it with Joe-Average Guyanese that he can't bear to see any green open spaces without leaving a mark that he wuz there?)-- I'm fed-up of clearing up both but feel maybe I'm cutting my nose to spoil my face as my yard will flood first! Hopefully neighbour's water will back-up and he'll go to ease the flow into the water-lily choked canal before I get home!!

To give an idea of how much water over a given time: The 5-gallon bucket I put on the fence 'to catch' water was practically empty on Sunday morning and this morning, when it eased sufficiently to feed the dogs it was almost 3/4 full-- must be overflowing by now-- poor dogs -- they hate it when it's this wet as the wind factor blows water through the ventilation slats. I put them in the garage to dry out a bit but my sister's dog I took over went and pooed so they all got turfed out when I left for work-- my dogs are better trained- they wouldn't dare do that unless they were really sick!
Two more days of this and the East Coast is screwed!

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