Thursday, October 8, 2015

Why it's exhausting live in Guyana... 10

Pre-emptive raises.
So after kicking out the 23yr old somnolent Government with accusations of nepotism, favouritism and despotism by its World-crowned Champion of the Earth-leader, the new champions immediately revived the National Awards Scheme to reward both their traditional and non-traditional supporters, doubled the number of Parliamentary positions and in a later classic Snowball move (Animal Farm) increased the said Parliamentary salaries by 50% a mere 5 months later..stating that it would be cheaper for the country than the large-scale corruption of the past lot.  If this new lot were better educated and had a proven track record I might not be so dubious about the wisdom of this move.
A Boxer-like character (Animal Farm) said to me least the City was cleaner-- I went to the market yesterday and the vendors from Parika were most unhappy about being summarily moved-- as one said-- it was the way the City constables spoke to them-- like they were dirt-- maybe because the said vendor looked like a non-supporter of the current Government?- but even the ones that did, had their grumbles.  Gone will be the idea of open green spaces as the mysteriously-funded high-rise buildings have hogged up regular commercial and even housing spaces-- ignoring the sensible British rule of 10 feet from the fence and a limit on the height of buildings-- leaving the unfunded perceived Government supporters with only the Public spaces on which to start-up small businesses--- presumably ignoring all health and safety rules and regulations.
So 'small-man' drives his cows to graze in my neighbourhood every morning, a semi-permanent structure has been set up a few yards from my gate for someone to repair shoes and make me feel extremely uncomfortable as it overlooks my back yard, and the food vendors who have moved a block closer to me are doing so well, they set up a portable toilet to throw a Party one night and proceeded to blast the music up to 11pm or so, louder than their regular Friday + Saturday night happenings-- needless to say when I rang the Police Station to complain-- I was made to feel like the criminal-- having to state my name, age, occupation, race and address among other things-- being an exercise in futility as even ringing twice resulted in no action by the said Police.   One of the new ministers live in my area-- but when I rang him he gloomily informed me this was why all the educated people were leaving!  As luck would have it, I happened to contact the chairman of the Local Council who informed me that his family did business with me and who suggested I get up a petition...all the residents agreed that the food vendors' music was a nuisance but were scared to put their names to paper!  So it goes in Guyana, word got out that a petition was to be formed and the food people sent away the vehicles with the sound systems...

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