Monday, October 5, 2015

Hyprocrisy on a Sunday

While grappling with the nuances of Project Management, I made the fatal error of switching on the TV to see what 60 Minutes was featuring and it made my blood boil with a feature about a French priest dredging up the past German crimes and how the number of Jewish people killed was probably in excess of 6 million as there were unrecorded killing/mass shootings in little European villages.  Still no mention about the 'others'- the Roma gypsies etc-- all based on German records and a race to interview older villagers before they die.  He did say that he was dismayed about the complicity of the non-Germans to the murders of people whose only crime seems to be that they were Jewish.  I reflected on the Jewish tradition of interbreeding amongst themselves and thought of the new migrants currently invading Europe -- same shit... different day --- had watched an German documentary and the German teacher was looking very puzzled that the Albanian children born in Germany refused to adopt German ideas about freedom and the Albanians themselves were dismissive about being 'German' and following the German constitution.
But what was making my blood boil was that earlier in the week I had read about the British destroying documents about the destruction they had visited on their Colonies and its peoples, even the Americans had blacked out certain parts of now released documents on Guyana -- well after a distance of 30yrs and feeding the image that they are upright and proper:  it must come as a bit of a shock to discover grandpa was worse than a Nazi -- I understand terrible things were done to the Kenyan Mau Mau and I make a silent prayer for all the African women who were made to 'breed' in the New World. In fact, traumatised people just keep quiet and don't dwell on the Past or else it would paralyse them - and I thank my illiterate grandparents and two tough great grandmothers who probably had to endure worse traumas than I can imagine.  Why don't 60 minutes do a documentary about THAT-- and how the First Peoples in North America were systematically destroyed??  Those numbers would far exceed 6 million and frankly...apologies to any Jewish friends... the behaviour of Israel to the non-Jewish people who occupied the Land before them is worse than the Nazis-- enough already!

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