Saturday, July 18, 2015

More to come...?

So keep pondering about the Tennessee young shooter...young, eager to join the workforce and unemployable due to no fault of his own... how many times will this story be repeated?  Add the ready access to guns and you have a rise in criminal activity due to the frustration to 'get on' with life. It is sad that the ones he killed were also struggling to make a living like him --and a shame he couldn't/didn't target his frustrations on those to whom these lives-- both killer and victim mean so little.
Here is little Guyana, it is sort of the same story repeated... but with a suspected racial twist. Youths with little means of earning a salary that they think they deserve turn up their noses at the jobs that are available - usually involving manual labour and are tempted into doing unsavoury things with no regard to morality.  The astounding result being both Chinese manual and skilled workers being imported, while unemployment rises and less money circulates.
On another note, a 'gang-for-hire' was picked up but unless the Police get to the root--- who is actually ordering the hit/s we will get exactly nowhere but down.

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