Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Why It's Exhausting to live in Guyana -6 /The Fat Cats are incapable of guarding the cream!

So getting a lift back to my office it was pointed out to me by a guy-who-knows-these-things that the GRA has created a parking lot on one of the busiest streets in Georgetown for its employees on a corner lot totally filling it the drains! A letter-writer to the newspapers questioned the wisdom of the GRA leasing a building on Camp St with no thought of the access to parking for visitors. But  back to the filling in of drains -if the Government is engaged in such foolishness associated with the never-see-come-to-see 'Captains of Industry' what hope is there for the rest of us - who is supposed to be upholding the standards? Sadly the level of commonsense and leadership is extremely low in all the Political Parties and Parliament. I feel like the animals in Animal Farm peeping through the window and being unable to distinguish the men from the pigs!
The expectation that resources will be there to be exploited forever indicates the size of their dinosaur-era brains.  High-rise buildings with no apparent precedent with regard to standards are being constructed daily. Having one pass the height of my office building next to me I thought of the British rule of keeping 10ft from the fence in order to limit the spread of fire and would make it mandatory that the higher the building the greater the space from the fence and also that if a fire started in one of those high buildings and the neighbouring building burnt from the flaming debris falling on their roof the owner of the high building should be liable -  I mean if you are rich and stupid enough to put up a high building without regard for your neighbour and community who might suffer as a result then it follows that you should pay for damages due to your stupidity!
Those who ought to know better are blatantly stealing land designed for community purposes such as the land for the Waterworks grabbed by the wealthier sectors of 'society' who don't need it and found a loophole to simply take it over-- Government not bothering to pursue the matters means that when the land is needed-- which it will be in years to come-- it would simply not be available!  This sadly has a knock-on effect of driving away the the ordinary man/Labour as people can't see a way to 'fix' these problems being created now, at least not in their lifetime.  I remember talking to a schoolmate about working for a forestry company notorious for environmental damage and I asked whether they felt comfortable selling out their children and grandchildren's birthrights and was a bit astonished to get the reply that they needed to eat now and the grandchildren got to do what they need to do! That person is now quite a prominent and respected figure with pretensions to being in the ruling class! Just bury me now....

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