Tuesday, January 1, 2013

BUT but ..why?

Saw in the New Year at the refurbished Palm Court with primarily a bunch of 20-somethings and 30-somethings last night and my basic view of Nightspots hasn't changed much-- a bunch of bored people looking at other people with loud music blaring and overpriced drinks. The party was livened up with the Naya Zamana group ignoring everyone and dancing away - the girls looking very glam in beautiful evening gowns.I derived considerable amusement at the seriousness of about half the people to compulsively keep checking their cellphones for most of the night! I hadn't realised we had such power-brokers of the World in a humble square of Georgetown!
Utterly complexing, to me, was the behaviour of the couple next to us at the secondary Bar tucked away in a quietish corner in the front from which we got a great overall view of the evening's proceedings. So the couple initially were standing next to us and I thought they would be moving off pretty soon after 1am as his hands roamed over her body squeezing bits quite openly, I gawped as a finger paused at roughly the crack of her butt`underneath her dress, then he left to get a high Bar stool for her to sit on. They must have had a previous pre-arranged signal because at least twice for no accountable reason-- maybe at some signal I hadn't notice, she got off the stool or rather re-arranged herself across the stool, tilted up her hips and bent over and they did a furious doggy-style for 3-5 minutes with clothes on, then she resumed sitting regularly on the seat and carried on as if nothing had happened-- they left around 3am after a few bouts of this.
Mich snidely commented on a bunch of vacant-looking girls with odd complexions, impossible straw-coloured hair and vacous looks on their faces wearing tight cream-coloured dresses with bits missing that it seemed like buy-one-get-two-free. We hadn't realised how close to the truth we were as Mich's friend recognised them as the Girls from the Varoom Bar whose girls supposedly got deported in November for 'overstaying their Visitor's Visa'. I might have had an inkling as the young teen in the group kept making herself very familiar with the contents of the old Chinese man's suit - he came with them - we were duely informed about the three levels of  'girls' at the Varoom Bar-- the dancers, the hookers and the escorts.

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