Sunday, July 31, 2011

No Surprises about the Plane crash at Timehi

Macabre observations about the expected reactions at Timehri during and after the first major crash at Timehri.
You have to laugh or you would be crying and wondering why you are still here!

Who and why are the clowns applauding when the 'plane touches down.. and at 1.45am shouldn't they be doing better things like waking up? I can just imagine their horror when the 'plane continued to hit the fence-- by the way-- it must have broken the speed towards the Ravine-- hope they reinforce its replacement. Sounds like a lot of people hit their heads on the seat in front--would the Crash position have reduced those injuries? An international rescue worker who worked in a Police Force recently blew my fanciful thoughts away that that position was some scientifically researched position to reduce impact injuries with the pragmatic reason of ease of identifying the victims by their dental remains!

So after the screaming subsided, the immediate thought was to vacate the 'plane before it blew up, no 19th century noble Titanic notions of women and children first - personal account from a traumatised Geeta Ramsingh back after 35yrs, reported that when she clambered onto the wing in the rain and dark, some strong man climb on she and jumped off pun she!
Then when those hapless folk found themselves on the ground-- I noted no praises for the CA staff like in the plane that landed on the Hudson (subsequent report that the stewardesses were the first off the plane doesn't surprise me in the least!) --the taxi-drivers were demanding their Timehri-GT fare for taking them back to the airport!!  No 9-11 volunteers risking their lives to help the victims-- more-than-likely squatters running to loot the suitcases. Welcome to Guyana - ya dey pun ya own.
As the passengers said - the authorities seemed ill-prepared for to handle disasters of that nature-- and only the other day I remember reading that they did a mock accident, complete with fake medical injuries.
Patricia Pile was reported as saying 'All systems fail here. Is like they do not even know how to handle the situation'.
Yup-- that about sums up how the country is being run-- with the odd 'brainwave' coming from the foreigners with money for hare-brained projects!

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