Wednesday, July 20, 2011

New Use for Ziploc Bags!

So, while exchanging camping stories in a tent on the top of Roraima, trying to keep warm - Mich told me about about her camping trip with nine guys. It was late at night and they were all strung up in hammocks, apparently there was a rogue Jaguar on the prowl and the guy next to her had to have a wee. So he turned to the/on his side, wee-ed in a Ziploc Bag, sealed it and dropped it on the ground. She then commented that women don't have it THAT easy.
Waking up freezing, in spite of several bulky layers, at 2 am, the first thought is to have a wee! The second thought is the pain to go into the bushes and get your socks wet on the soggy ground--- soo--- I decided to try the Ziploc idea. The tents had a covering flap outside the zippered part to get into the tent and I was able to conduct my little experiment, which I'm happy to report was successful! Who woulda thought?? Thanks Anand for recommending carrying Ziploc bags and Hand Sanitiser!
Apparently it must be a camping trick because the next morning, noticed another so-used Ziploc bag outside one of the Venezuelan's tent!


  1. Ziploc bags always come in handy! I'm glad you found a new use:) Hope you had a good trip. Did you make it to tripple point?


  2. Wow-- you found my Blog?? Are you the same Anand dishing out good advice?