Sunday, June 12, 2011

My Wardrobe, My Right

This is a short documentary produced by SASOD, one of the more pro-active organisations in Guyana.
It pushes the boundaries of what sort of Society we want to live in by briefly following the lives of two Cross-dressers who both felt prostitution was the only job open to them-- I  took a brief moment to consider whether I would employ them in the office and thought their personalities were probably too big to do the job properly and then the job would become about them and not the work-- interesting that other self-employment options like farming didn't seem to occur to them.... but I digress.

Gulliver looked really attractive and hailed from Buxton, but I felt the producer dwelt too long on him putting on his make-up. I really sympathised with him to come from a family of boys and know that he wanted to sneak on his mom's black New Year's dress but would be castigated.  Peaches had some moral support from his sister/s and he related how the Police campaign to keep them off the Streets resulted in them having to put up Bail money each night and then be held without charges while enduring the ribbing of the Police. I felt annoyed that the Police would waste their time on 'soft' targets while more serious crimes merited the attention of the CID. As usual it's selective use of which Laws the authorities want to enforce. The magistrate also sounded very foolish to advise them to put God in their life-- as if THAT would then make them more acceptable to her and change their sexual orientation!  The SASOD spokesperson was able to give his point of view that morality was not a basis for Law-making and cultural beliefs, and that an objective basis was needed to make Laws and Public Policies. Mmm, who decides objective?