Thursday, June 9, 2011


Thanks to the Government's far-reaching and well-thought-out scheme (sic) I'm sitting in my office with no business apart from the dreaded Paperwork which I am happy to shelve at a moment's notice to go and see the fishies on a boat just in from a Fishing Trip.

 The cages are funnelled interiorly to prevent the fishes from swimming out and as my receptionist said-- stupid fish-- why did they swim in in the first place!?
Cages marked by buoys on the ocean floor are winched up, the catch sorted and frozen down in the Hold.
Fairly low-tech way of sorting, loading the baskets, weighing and then loading the trucks!

Very pretty fish but the shark sadly lost his face and fins in quick time!
With the declining fish stocks the Fish market is booming but not too sure if we can protect our stocks from the High-Tech countries where the demand is ever-growing!
Angel Fish

Plate-sized Red Snapper

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