Friday, April 6, 2018

Guyanese Abroad

So there were a couple moments of mirth on reading a report in SN today (pg 20) about a Guyanese who got pulled up for bad driving in Montana.  The sheer stupidity on the roads that push one to fantasize about having a shotgun when a slow moving vehicle pulls out from a side road in front of you, forcing you to brake when there is NOTHING behind you and when you are driving behind someone who clearly doesn't know or care about the rules of the road and who immediately slows down when passing a police vehicle to show deference; showed up in mid-America.  I was amused to think that a sane police patrol on the lookout for terrorists and illegal migrants must have been bemused at the 'ignar' Guyanese driving and there must some anthropological thing involving the Guyanese man's car veering into the shoulder when being passed by the police car and not using an indicator to change lanes (another pet peeve) that alerted the American police that something was amiss!

Admittedly there was a strange connection with the other person in the car-- who sounded like a native Chinese-- and clearly they didn't co-ordinate stories-- the Guyanese going to sell local products in a neighbouring state and the Chinese going to a more distant state to sell cosmetics!  Turns out the alert police hauled in 70lbs of ganja-- wonder if the Chinese are diversifying into other local products now that the timber avenue seems to have dried up?

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