Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Parking Meter Fiasco

So backwards Guyana, unable to institute a fair Tax collecting system, put questionable people in City Hall...their election seemingly rigged and repellent to decent folk who could make positive changes...who must have been approached by 'smarter' foreigners out to make an easy buck. Then, only in Guyana..it gets crazier..an apparent entrepreneur Jewish guy associated with a Russian telecommunications company (Russian mafia?) is uncovered to be behind it all...see photograph...all decidedly unGuyanese and without Guyana's interest at heart.
  The result was second-hand units shipped down and dodgy underhand deals with a select group of ignorant people signing the City of Georgetown to 49yrs of 80% of the takings given to 'brains' and 20% to City Hall to apparently pay themselves inflated salaries as services are likely to remain poor in the foreseeable unaccountable future! Super smart move to have the citizens pay for the nooses around their necks!
Their local PR person who it is alleged, contributed to the racial strife back in the day has mounted a slander campaign against the newly politicised citizens - even including suggestive remarks towards their employers.  Of course, this has limited use, as the ignorant seem firmly in driver seat, like under the last Administration, and the chattering (and more capable) class can only gnash their teeth and hope for a few crumbs of consultancies to eke by as most not in an employed situation.
Because the meter attendants are paid a bonus and there is virtually no-come back for the hapless parkers..see ticket and charge below..people will be under stress even if they ARE within the time zone-- having no higher authority to appeal to! 
The ultimate joke being that the parking Laws are not gazetted implying that the current practice is illegal.  Looks like the only thing to do that will be effective would be to not use the system as it is basically a shake-down operation-- I may actually miss the tramps on the street begging for $100 to 'watch' ya car!

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