Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Holidays on Ice by David Sedaris

It all started off so well... I was giggling to myself about the way a person had to humiliate themselves to just get a job, a demeaning one at that, to pay the bills...when somewhere in the thirty pages of the first story, it moved from funny to tedious and outright vicious. I was initially amused with the slapstick American humour but then it moved from laughing WITH people to laughing AT the underclasses and snobbish.  I guess some types of humour are difficult to share..the reason I limit Facebook friends as those acquaintances who may not 'know' me might get offended by some of the things I find funny.

By the third story, I thought the writer was trying too hard and lost interest in the rest of the book but soldered on to get to the end as it is December's bookclub book...I am sure I shall forget most of the book by then.

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