Wednesday, April 8, 2015


I always remember my brother's comment that the only people left in Guyana are the losers when I find myself asking myself ...why am I here?

Yesterday there was a delay getting to work as the Police had, in their wisdom, decided to start blocking off the roads around the Courts and Town Hall during the morning rush-hour for the presentation of the Candidates at 2pm!! The Opposition Party who is always unpleasantly surprised to not be voted in at each Election turned up with the usual suspects--- the same old tired faces and ideas: purely out for what they can benefit for them and their families. Post-script-- apparently while claiming 'it's time' for a change they forgot to check that their List reached the requirement of 1/3 women and had to re-submit after being corrected-- yeah: these are people who can be trusted with following the rules?

The Ruling Party in order to present new faces opted for children of the old crowd as one disgruntled person with political ambitions himself stated:

'Rabin Chandarpal - son of Navin and Indra.
Rima Rohee - ogreish racist daughter of the goatman himself.
Ranvir Gajraj - son of Phantom Gang Ambassador, Ronald Gajraj.
Colleen Khan - daughter of Gail 'Rwanda' Teixeira
Thandi Luncheon - daughter of Chief House Slave, Uncle Ruckus Luncheon.
Shyam Nokta - son of Harripersaud Ten Percent Nokta.
Alexei Ramotar - son of the duck and fibre optic cable fucker upper.
Charles Ramson - vacuous but ambitious spawn of vacuous namesake
nt new faces/ideas'

A bit cruel but apart from the first person on the List who I know to be pretty decent, keeping a low profile in a government office, the rest are distinguished for not doing anything or even worse-- screwing up big time!
Unfortunately the Ruling Party also distinguishes itself by having people on their List who had brought the Party into disrepute and really need to be in the background where they can't do much harm.

It all looks even worse than before-- which of the bad lot to vote for?  The pragmatic coconut-water seller said better keep the old lot as they have already filled their pockets and it will cost us more to be dealing with new people hell-bent on the same.

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