Friday, January 16, 2015

Only in Guyana!

As the half-century mark fast approaches, an unusual phenomenon has occurred whereby everyone appears less intelligent (I diagnose-- big fish in small pond syndrome). Clearly this is not so as they are all driving by in bigger, newer vehicles; splurging money like no tomorrow on the important things in life like over-priced niteclubs (as opposed to the correctly spelt nightclub) and imported overpriced and overhyped consumer goods while complaining that a U$5 doctor's fee is unaffordable; hair and nails 'done'...or maybe just the movers and shakers who everyone wants to emulate?
So with the rise of 'new money' come the responsibilities Guyanese seem unprepared for... I didn't know whether to laugh or cry on reading in today's newspapers that the 40-something yr old second-wife who was investigated for a hired 'hit' on her 60-something yr old husband but not charged last year was fearful for her life and making plans to emigrate. She apparently asked her daughter who now resides in the US to come back to keep her company. A few days ago she was shot in cold blood in front of the said daughter- today I read that the children are flying the dead body to the US for burial because they are fearful for their safety. It is mind-boggling because usually it is the other way around- someone goes for treatment overseas and is flown back to be buried and give closure to friends and family.

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