Sunday, July 20, 2014

UN Charters

Finding that it's taking me a longer time to read 'Multilateral Diplomacy for Small States' than I thought.  When the UN formally came into being it had two main goals - one for Development and the other for Peace, because they are intrinsically linked.
As Donne says, no-man is a island and we are all linked. Those countries perceived as 'successful' are having serious border breaches as refugees do whatever it takes to abandon their country of birth and migrate, frequently not fully conversant in the new language and culture - clearly those people represent the more aggressive and enterprising and have the potential to be assets to their new countries as the founder of English economics Adam Smith says - ‘By pursuing his own interest he frequently promotes that of society more effectually than when he really intends to promote it.'  Ayaan Hirsi Ali would be a good example.  However a vast majority develop both mental and adaptive difficulties and really wouldn't the better solution be to ensure the the UN Charters get a chance to work so people do not feel such desperation that they send their children unaccompanied, as in the recent case of the Honduran children now being shipped back from the US?

 Looking further afield, the tragic loss of AIDS researchers among others, having their plane blown apart reportedly by a surface-to-air missile while flying over an area of unrest goes to show that the ostrich approach can't and wouldn't in a Martin Carter poet: ' Like a jig shakes the loom. Like a web is spun the pattern all are involved! all are consumed!'   
Unrest within and between countries have the potential to impact all our lives... who knows what the contributions to society any of the 80 children in the airplane shot out of the sky could have made? If the UN was stronger then the issue in Ukraine might merit more attention and Israel would not be firing on unarmed civilians? It would do those people who feel that they can perform better themselves to remember that, there may come a time when they might need the support of a larger independent body-- the ending of the last blog about Ayn Rand can be used as a metaphor!

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