Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Changing face of Georgetown -- 2

For whatever reason --  monitoring more closely monies out of Guyana by people barely literate -- there has been a minor building boom in GT, oblivious to things such as fire regulations, drainage and other people's boundaries. Guyana seems to have caught up with 16th Century Europe where Balzac noted derisively in Cousin Bette, that the 'new' way to make money was to buy and divide property to rent out as units - both domestic and commercial. This seems the current vogue.. wonder where the proposed exploited are expected to get money to pay, from?
Clearly not only Guyanese, but two international hotels-- the Marriott and Ramada foresee a boom in visitors and are trying to bring hotels with International standards here once again. Again I ask, where would the average Joe get the wherewithal to pay?
Someone noted at all new buildings being proposed to be rented out be mandated to provide parking for at least 50 cars. This NIMBY attitude (Not In My Backyard) attitude has to stop somewhere. A local person has taken it upon himself to build a building for three apartments on the corner of a relatively upmarket area-- in addition to carrying out using the road for mixing and storing materials and obstructing traffic I note there is no parking!
It is extraordinary how myopic those with new money are!

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