Wednesday, March 5, 2014

'Court doesn't work...police doesn't work'

... this from a Brazilian businessman who came, saw business opportunities and for all extents and purposes robbed:

What is sad is that the Courts have been subverted to grant injunctions (for the want of a better word) against itself -- supporting the Businessman on one hand ...then acting against their own orders on the other.  The Police Headquarters not investigating their own branches and the dogs turning against their owners and biting the hand/s that fed them!

So.. far from following the glorious path of capitalism according to Thomas Friedmann in 'The Lexus and Olive Tree': private sector the engine of economic growth.. removing restrictions on foreign investments... increasing exports... opening industries to direct foreign ownership and investment...  it appeared to take a unique Guyanese turn-- whereby the caretaker who was promoted to 'frontman' ( how the heck a Sri Lankan turn up here?) got 'smart' and conned the Brazilians out of their money and used it to finance his own business, stealing their equipment-- no doubt in collusion with the original businessman who owned and leased his land doing nothing with it. 

Clearly the Law and legal system need 'fixing' before this country can progress but there was an interesting letter in yesterday's paper which pointed out:
'the ideal state is a democracy which serves the interests of the citizens in accordance with fair laws, applicable to all citizens, designed to maintain order, peace and liberty. On the other hand a narco-state is a territory taken over by drug interests where government institutions are controlled by drug money and law enforcement agencies serve the interests of narco-traffickers and the corrupted elite.'
Maybe the latter part is applicable: some government institutions serve the interests of the corrupted elite.'?

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