Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Why It's Exhausting To Live In Guyana (any end in sight for stupidity?)--- 8

My day started with a big 'suck teeth' on reading that a 16yr old who went out with her 28yr old boyfriend did not return at night, having spoken to her mother on her boyfriend's cellphone while they were at a nearby shop. They lived off the Highway - an arid and sparsely populated part of Guyana leading to Linden.  The mother went looking for her child at 7am with the sister and found her with a   slit throat in a creek. On ringing the boy's family in Essequibo, it was discovered that he had made his way back there and hung himself.
This 'relationship' had started apparently 2 years ago and from the article it sounds like the boyfriend and the girl had a room in the girl's parent's house.  14 yrs?? That mother should be charged for traffic-ing in persons or pimping, whatever is the correct term. This is not the first incidence I have heard - mothers encouraging their barely adolescent daughters to 'go with' miners and other men who seem to have money.  What is going on with these women??
I feel I belong in a dinosaur age as at 15yrs old I was running around the house playing 'Catcha' with my much younger sisters and neighbours down the road-- I didn't feel it was uncool as my brother, 2 yrs older, was playing with us!  Whole different era-- clearly!  Sadly the focus on education seems secondary for the majority.. the big question would be how to encourage young people to get back on that path when the parents themselves are so ignorant?

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