Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A word on economic refugees...

...my brain clicked awake at 3am to catch a BBC report of a Nigerian man on Hunger Strike at a detention centre near Heathrow.  I confess I do not have much sympathy for him as Nigeria can hardly be described as dangerous to live in. His contention was that the Boka Haram had him on their Hit List.  The British have wisely learnt to not release these types of refugees into general circulation as their laws do no prevent him from using their money and social services to fight against deportation!

A Scottish woman trying to help him said he was too weak to speak to her on the phone but that the British would stick his ass on a plane accompanied by someone with enough medical knowledge to ensure he was alive when the plane touched down in Nigeria. Well good on you Britain! Now I wish you and your fellow North Americans would extent the same courtesy to the other Third World people hell-bent on screwing over and selling off their countries by fair means or foul -- usually foul-- then going to your countries to enjoy their ill-gotten gains and retire in peace where things and services work. And can I say-- you are very welcome to the scum!

We have half our Parliament, holding foreign passports and/or property in your countries; the younger ones having contributed little or nothing towards developing the Health Services, going to have their children in your countries-- that is the height of ludicrous!  I very strongly feel if EVERYONE knows that there is no OUT, that if you are sick you have to use the local services maybe, just maybe they would start paying attention to improving conditions. But of course your 'elites' collaborate with our 'elites' and leave the rest of us with little or nothing - small wonder then you and your services are over-run.

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