Monday, August 13, 2012

Passing the time.......

So, drifting in the flotsam of Guyana, juggling my sitting on the fence act and trying not to thread on anyone's toes while trying to amuse myself... a friend thought this would be right up my Street as he thought my Blogs were veering towards the bitter side and forwarded an invite to a Book Launch titled:

Apart from the people with vested interests like the Newspaper people, Kaieteur News founder himself giving a little speech decrying the rise of the Corrupt, there were only about 25 people, not counting Mr Austin of Austin Book Services, the only Bookstore in Guyana, and now where the book can be found - the latter was praised for being non-partisan although I understand he had refused to stock 'The West on Trial' - a Guyanese Classic praised by Left-leaning University professors in other parts of the World but Guyana.  I was acutely aware that I myself was there at the invitation of a friend who had got invited, although Mr Lall was gracious in thanking me for attending.
Mr Lall gave a little summary about how he came to write the book but I was a bit disappointed that the usual practice of reading a few sections from the book was not carried out. Apparently I was sitting next to someone who had been given a copy to review and they said that they read in all in 6 hours non-stop and  that it pretty much reflected Life in Guyana today without much exaggeration.
Having said that, Mr Lall mentioned that his reputation apparently preceded him and his request for a venue was rejected so he was careful not to name people directly using Mr Austin as an example saying that it would be unethical to name him if he had - say- refused to stock the book that the correct thing to do would not mention that he had done so, as that was his right and privilege as the only Bookseller in Guyana and thus thanks to his his non-partiality we can access Mr Lall's book.

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